If you know Caedmon…

… at all, you know that he is a full of passion. If he is upset,
then Caedmon is passionately upset. If he’s happy, then the little guy
is bouncing off walls.  As some of you know, last week we moved into
staff housing at Wayland.  Translation: Caedmon had a rough week of
boredom.  On top of this, his best friends (see the mom’s blog here)
moved to Pennsylvania last night.  It absolutely broke Caedmon’s heart
and spirit. The little guy cried himself to sleep and kept praying that
God would just let him die.  This morning, he drew a picture filled
with tears.

My wife is doing a little better. Her and Liza (mom
of the best friends)  were also best friends.  Needless to say, there
was a lot of crying.  I tried my best to keep the tears in, but they
flowed this morning. 

I have heard it said, “It is better to have
love and lost, than to never love at all.” I think it rings true. We
will miss the Weisers and the impact they have had on our family. It
was a great and deep friendship.  I am positive there will be more to


4 thoughts on “If you know Caedmon…

  1. i can totally relate to caedmon… (wow.. thats interesting to relate to a very young man…) but i’m in the midst of a very dear friend moving to another country, and i imagine it to be extremely difficult and i still have 10 days… something we all need to remember when people move is that love can supersede distance, and its a true test…but that quote you brought up…ringing through my ears right now… thankson another note, what part of pa are they headed to, i’m about 40 minutes north of philly, if your friends need someone to chill with, maybe it could work out… 🙂

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