Weighty Consideration

Instant gratification and procrastination are the two biggest causes
for stagnant spiritual growth. While paradoxically opposite of each
other, both short falls can be found lurking around the corner of any
one who is struggling to grow spiritually. 

In a debt oriented
society, culture pounds the message that you can have what you want NOW
and pay later. However, spiritual growth doesn’t work that way and
never will.  Christ puts it this way, “you reap what you sow.”  Well,
sowing is a far cry harder than snapping your fingers, saying a short
prayer, or attending a spiritual boot camp. The funny thing is that
people will often work just as hard at sowing bad habits and wrong
thinking.  If you want to master a new discipline, it will take a long
time and a lot of patience.  That’s just the way God set it up.

will also have to defend whatever you build in your life. If it is a
good marriage, you can be assured there is going to be some fights
along the way. If it is a great career, you can be sure that your
mistakes will be thrown in your face.  So not only do you have to be
patient, you also have to be on guard.

What next? Well God says
“Move!” However, all this time we have spent waiting for something to
happen has bored us to tears, so we seek whatever gives us that next
high. Instead of jumping at the first sign God gives, we put it off, if
only to enjoy a few more seconds in our sinful habits, which weigh us
down. Paul says it like this, “Throw off those sins which so easily
entangle us.” 

So if you are not getting any where, you might rethink how much effort you’ve put into staying where you are.


10 thoughts on “Weighty Consideration

  1. On second thought, I knew it had been threatening to storm, and I looked outside, and it’s hailing. I’m rather glad I procrastinated (albeit I didn’t know that this would happen). We both know what it would have been like had I been out and about right now ;).

  2. The hard part for me is when I do jump and move, with all I’ve got, and it still doesn’t work out like I’d hoped. I tend to get frustrated then, because I always want everything to go perfect, and after all, what did I do wrong? That’s where the patience comes in. Not only does growth take sowing, it takes a LOT of sowing, plowing, tending, fertilizing, etc. I read a commentary/devotional that convicted me when it said “don’t get impatient with yourself.” God is accomplishing His wonderful work, it’s just always longer and harder than we thought it would be.

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