Fantastic Fridays

Matis Yahu
Jewish Reggae –  how could you go wrong? Just wait for him to get passed the Hebrew part, then the beat picks up.

Camels, Camels Everywhere
National Geographic always has dang good pictures. Take a second look at this one. The camels are shadows.

Try your luck and logic and moving the block around.  Kept me entertained!

Virtual Paper, Rock, Scissors
Ok, just the title is enough to get you to go there. 

Less is More
Came across this article of a woman living in a 84 sq. ft. house she built. I loved it! Be sure and watch the video.

Another game to waste away your time.  Try flying without hitting the
bad stuff.  However, this one comes with a very cool twist. 

Virtual Constructs
Ok, all my fellow geeks will think this is the coolest thing since the real force field that Kenneth posted last year. 

Life in a Water Bottle
Ever wanted to know what it would be like to live inside that bottle
sitting on top of your office water cooler? Me neither. But it looked

MM Bedroom
Cool, artsy fartsy rendering of a bedroom with just words.

They hung the moon!
Another photo that was taken at the right moment.  I would just like to take this moment to dedicate a photo to my wife, who hung the moon in my eyes.


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