Livid Prayer Request

Anyone who knows us very long, knows that we are really neo-hippies
masquerading as an ordinary young couple trying to make a living. We
don’t vaccinate our kids and try to eat mostly organic foods.  With
that being said, we were discriminated against during a recent trip to
the E.R.

Presley, our 1 year old, was bitten by something on her
foot. The bite mark looked like a long scrape, unlike a mosquito or
spider bite.  The mark swelled a little bit and then went down, so we
thought nothing of it. Come Saturday morning, her whole foot was
swollen.  The swelling eventually went up into her ankles and the mark
started oozing. So, we took her to the E.R.

About 15 minutes
after we admitted, the doctor came in. He started his usual series of
questions and asked about her shot records, since there were none. We
explained that we don’t vaccinate and feel this is the best choice for
our family. His entire demeanor changed in an instant. He replied with,

“I always wondered how they deal with un-vaccinated kids in
school.  I can’t believe the government would support exposing our
vaccinated kids to those who aren’t.”

Needless to say, we were livid. If vaccines worked as great as the
medical community claims they do, then he wouldn’t have to worry about
being “exposed” to my children. At any rate, he took a quick glance at
the bite mark and further explained that it was a mosquito bite and
insinuated that since we don’t properly clean our children, it has
become a staph infection.  He didn’t bother examining the mark or
lifting the foot.

We did some research and found out that you can
tell whether it is a staph infection just from the external appearance.
So, we have to give him a point for that. However, the truth of the
matter is that whether or not we vaccinated had NO bearing on Presley’s
bug bite. He should have responded in a professional way and kept his
“exposure” opinions to himself. 

So please pray for Presley.
Every time she walks, you can her go “Ow” in the sweetest little one
year old voice.  She is on antibiotics and seems to be responding

Thanks guys.


6 thoughts on “Livid Prayer Request

  1. Based just off of the quote you gave, I have to wonder if the doctor was more concerned about your children than the vaccinated ones. Since the vaccinated children have been exposed and carry those diseases, it could be possible for your children to get it from them that way. It seems unlikely that he would have been suggesting otherwise. (This is just from the quote, not the other nonverbal communication you received.) The doctor should know that your children aren’t “dirty” just because they haven’t been vaccinated. If children have no where to get a disease from, then they will never carry it. It’s still sad that Presley has a staph infection. I hope she gets better so that it won’t hurt when she walks.

  2. And this is why I wanted to edit Kevin’s post. ;)The doctor’s actual words were “I can’t understand why it’s legal for your unvaccinated kids to put my vaccinated kids at risk.” Honey, you’ve never been a man concerned with the details in life…but I love you anyway!

  3. Being the spouse of a doctor this story intrigued me enough to share it with my wife. She wanted you to know that you can’t really tell a staph infection by merely “looking,” (an infection, yes, swollen, ugly, puss filled nastiness, yes. But not but what type of bacteria) so we’re glad to hear her foot is getting better! The other thing that intrigued us, is wanting to know your reasons for not vaccinating, if you’d be willing to share. (We’re not trying to pick a fight or anything!) Thanks,

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