update on life

Presley’s foot is considerably better. The swelling has gone way
down and the would is shaping up nicely. She is responding extremely
well to the anti-biotic, although making her take it is a whole other
story. So a big THANK YOU for praying for her. We all appreciate it.

 In the mean time, I developed an upper respiratory infection. Amanda thinks that it is bronchitis. 
To be honest, I don’t know. The whole thing is driving me crazy.  All
the coughing is completely ineffective. Some of the coughs are so hard,
that I see spots and have an intense, yet brief headache. There is so
much that needs to be done, I can’t afford to be sick!


One thought on “update on life

  1. Long time no chat, just thought I would let you know that I am glad that Presley’s foot is getting better. I also didn’t get to comment on the post about what the doctor said about not giving your children the shots—I think that it is ridiculous, the things that happen to children sometimes that get those shots is horrifying. I know a few families that will not give their children the immunizations and they are constantly bothered by doctors. At any rate I also wanted to mention something about your cough, there is is this stuff called UMCKA you can get it at a natural store or at H-E-B sometimes (if they have a natural section) anway it says that it is mainly for colds, but it works excellent for bronchitis- I have “acute” or really bad asthma and recently got a cold with usually means I will get bronchitius anyway this stuff knocked it right out…also taking licorice root extract is very effective for respiratory irritations. I know a lot of the herbal remedies for chest problems…lemme know if you want some more that help…

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