Fantastic Fridays

Binary Marble Adding Machine
We are going to kick this weekend off with another nerdy entry. I have
been fascinated with binary numbers, since I saw the clock at Sean’s

Best Toy Ever
Thanks to Trae, I came across this fantastic find on his blog. Very FF worthy!

Candy Fab 4000
Just when you thought printers couldn’t get any better, out pops this creative idea. Couple Windell
Oskay and Lenore Edman set out to create a 3D printing machine and used
sugar for the “toner.” So far they were able to “print” several three
dimensional objects including a screw,
dodecahedron, and a coil.

Ready Mechs
Don’t leave your desktop unguarded! Download, cut out and build your
own robot to protect. We tried these out with Caedmon, and he loved
them. Just click on the one that you want and the PDF options will
appear. Very cool!Lemmings - Courtesy of Inherit the Mirth

It’s fascinating to read the jargon people come up with in the World
Wide Web. Stay on top of the game with this fantastic dictionary site
based on internet colloquialism.

Blood Puddle Pillows
Part of this is funny. Part of this is just wrong.

Swimming Pool Illusion
Another creative optical illusion. They should have drowned by now.

Crazy Machine
You will just have to look at it. I don’t know how to explain it.

DHTML Lemmings
If you didn’t get enough of these little guys during your NES days,
then this is the perfect solution for you. Get your Lemmings fill here!

It is never to early to brainwash your child! This is going to be a
mandatory part of homeschooling at our house. c-Jump is a board game
that teaches your kid how to program in C++ and Java.


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