Fantastic Fridays

Free online file conversion service. Need I say more?

 World in Your Hands Photos
Very creative photo project of taking pictures of objects in the
perspective of the natural environment. Too hard to put into words. You
will just have to see it, to know what I am talking about.

Laser Illusions
Cool magic trick with lasers. I haven’t a clue how the guy pulled this off.

Tower Blaster
Build a tower by placing blocks in their numerical order before the vikings! Another way to waste your time.

Sky Diving from Space
Talk about extreme sports! I feel sorry for the first 100 guys who attempt to perfect this new sport.

Creative Mailboxes
Don’t settle for a box on stick. Add some flare with these creative designs.

Two Ways to Live
Yes, every now and then  Christians come up with something creative with media. I loved the simplicity of this site.

Name Change
Another, if only I were a bachelor. Yes I am geek enough to change  my
middle name to a Transformers character. Thankfully, my wife makes me
grow up.

Fastest Broadband Connection & an Old Lady
At 40 Gigabytes per second, this 75 year old lady has the fastest internet connection on the planet. This is absolutely crazy!

Define Time
Another game. This one is actually beneficial. It helps improve your vocabulary.


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