Fantastic Fridays

Bar Code Diagram
I’ve always wanted to know!

Lake Nyos Disaster
Very bizarre and very rare. It was an interesting read.

Glow-in-Dark Fabric
what’s not to love about buying your GnD fabric? Think about it. Those
shower curtains you have…your bed spread…don’t they deserve an

No, Presley did not get a hold of the keyboard. Actually, this is someone’s real name in protest to a Swedish “name” law.

Sling Swing
This entry was a long time coming. We have actually had this up at our
house for a while. At any rate, we turned a baby sling into a swing for
the kids in our family room. Very cool!

WD-40 Tips
Things to do with WD-40.  You know you’ve always wanted to know.

Creative Billboards
Think of it as inspirational entertainment.

Combination Lock Logic
I loved this. It is one of those logic games where you have to guess  the answer based on the clues given.

You Can Get Arrested For That
We all know there are strange laws in every state. These two  take a road trip to break them all!

Missing Doorknob
This innovative design allows you to remove the door knob to the exterior part of the door.

Geek Tattoos
The ultimate geek tattoo collection! I admit that I want several on the
list. And if that pile of photos was not enough, they also have Rubik’s Cube Art and Star Wars Origami. That should keep you busy!

Coolest Toilet Signs
I know, just when you thought that the stick figured toilet sign had
lost all sense of dignity…these fantastic designs arise from the pits
of despair to entertain you and in some cases, right out offend you.

How to beat carnival games
Title is self-explanitory. Not to mention informative.

Bullet Seat
Is it a bullet sculpture? No, its  post-modern furniture!

I am a sucker for IQ tests. Although, these are by far some of the most creative tests I have ever come across. 




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