Pervasive Refusal Syndrome and the Church

Pervasive refusal syndrome is also known as learned helplessness. It
is the condition when the individual gives power to the notion that
they can not exceed past their current condition and quits exerting any
more effort towards improving that condition. 

I have heard of
this condition in correlation with the training of circus elephants
(although I can not back it up).  While the  elephants are still young,
trainers will tie them down with a thick chain. Try as they might, the
young elephants are not able to break the train. Over the years, the
elephants develop the mentality that they can not break the chain or
improve their condition and they give up. So when they are adult
elephants, quit capable of snapping the chains in two, they don’t even
bother because their whole life, they thought otherwise.

I can’t
help but think this mentality has trickled into the hearts of believers
everywhere, leaving us profoundly desperate, still drinking milk. 


4 thoughts on “Pervasive Refusal Syndrome and the Church

  1. How is choosing to read about real Bible characters over imagined citizens of Middle-earth a resignation to sitting in a chair, completely unaware of reality? I think you’ve strongly misinterpreted me, and/or the effects of learning about reality past. I assume that you’re replying to my claim that fantasies are a distraction from reality, and that the Church misses out on its heritage when it watches all kinds of movies (visual stories) and doesn’t focus on its own story. It seems you’re implying that doing the latter will put someone out of touch with reality, when a core belief of the Church is that the Bible is an accurate record of history, and thus very in-touch with reality, particularly past reality. To answer what I interpreted your point to be: If someone is concerned that he or she is becoming an egghead, they should watch the news or research the current events of the world (and do something about it), or even walk outside and talk to their neighbors. Missing out on Transformers because you’re spending quality time with your family or friends reading Bible stories — I don’t think that blinds anyone from any truth out there. Which truths are you referring to, that the Bible is completely ignorant of?I am not advocating losing touch with reality. The reason I have so much trouble with fantasy, and why I wrote that post, is that fantasies do nothing to build your touch with reality, and so I say it’s a waste of time you could use by interacting with the real world.

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