A Postmodern Experiment

Grab a candle and some sort of device for lighting the said candle.
This can be a match, a lighter, a small child, or if you want to make
it really postmodern, a candle lighter will work. If you are desperate,
a stove top will work but has potential side effects that are hazardous
to your health.

Now, take mentioned materials to a dark room
and attempt to light the candle. If you fail at lighting the candle the
first time, try using the same lighting source again. After multiple
attempts and subsequent failure, stop using the small child. That was
just a joke.

Ok, for the real part. Once the candle is lit, I
want you to sit back and look at the core of the candle. Notice the
flickering of light and dripping of wax. What spiritual insights can
you gleam from this …. great, you have thought of one.  Probably
something along these lines – “Let your light shine before men” or
“darkness is the absence of light” or “light chases out the darkness.” 
This time, I want you to go deeper than that, deep into the core of the candle.

yourself, what is happening with the flame? How is this light created?
Ah. There you go. You see, light is created by the  consumption of
oxygen, which is an essential part of life. Light is therefore created
by the taking away of that which is necessary to sustain life. Without
it you can’t breath and you will surely die. Christ said it like this,
“If any man should come after me, he must deny himself, take up his
cross, and follow me.”  In order for you to be light, you have to die
to yourself first. You have to stop breathing on your own. 


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