Fantastic Fridays

Lifehouse Everything Skit
I came across this on
(Thanks Crystal!). Move past the cheesiness of late 90’s Christian
drama skits. Wait until the end, when she comes back to Jesus. I was
crying, the crowd was cheering, and I couldn’t help but feel like I
lost my first love.

Remedy is Coming
David Crowder asked me to post this. So there you go. 

Google Flight Simulator
So what do you get when you cross one of the greatest flight simulation
games ever and  the powerful Google maps application. Endless
entertainment when you should be doing work! Thanks West for the recommendation.

It’s like war mongering Legos gone postal.  Thanks again Wheels for the recommendation.

Duck Hunt
Classic NES game online. What’s not to love? At least now, you can
actually hit those fowls without putting the gun up to the screen. Or
if you are really good, turn your cursor off and try to play.

Eloise – Otta the Boat
ROFL. Some old people are just cool!

Corporate Scandals on Wikipedia
Oh what tangled web we weave – if anything, customer service has taught me that people in general are lazy and deceitful.

Geeked Out Russian Dolls
Need to add these to my Christmas list this year.

The Cowch



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