Fantastic Fridays

Chair Library
This one received from Sam.  It is by far the best chair for bibliophiles.

It’s Super to be Normal
Although I don’t personally practice breast feeding (for anatomical
reasons, I assure you) – I am an avid supporter of it.  This one is
going to be a blog post next. In the mean time, prepare yourself –
there is NOTHING WRONG with nursing in public.

New Seminary Degree – Homemaking
This is absolutely hilarious. A new degree is being offered to teach
all you women how be good housewives.  To be completely honest, I think
the degree would be helpful to both men and women. Its just coming from
the Baptist approach, at a seminary, and ruling it for women only.
Typical Southern Baptist response.

Omni-directional Treadmill – Virtual Reality
Definitely a geek entry. A new treadmill prototype can make for a whole new experience in the virtual reality circuits.

Open Library
An alternative to the ever-popular World Cat. The Open Library is
trying to catalog every book in the world and ultimately digitize them.
Thus, you would have all the literature in the world, at your finger
tips. Powerful to say the least. 

Stupid Essays
As the title suggests….

Grow your own 1Up Mushroom
For you gamers, this is awesome. You can now purchase a kit to grow
those 1up mushrooms that famed plumbers across the world seek. This
could potentially take homeschooling to a whole new level.

Tutorial search engine. Very handy!

Ubuntu Christian Edition
That’s right. The popular Linux  shell has received salvation. I always knew Jesus was an open source fan.

Journal of Mundane Behavior
Chris actually found this citation in another journal. I just laughed at the title.

Pachelbel at Bedtime
If you love classical music and have children, this one is for you. Thanks to my gorgeous wife for this one.


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