Breastfeeding is OK

I am often surprised by the reaction that people have when
they see a mother breastfeeding their baby in public.  You can hear the whisperings of the offended
as you pass by as if the mom has no right to feed her child in public.  Some businesses have gone so far as to ask the
nursing mother to either feed her baby in the restroom or leave.  Both of which are preposterous proposals in my

 Should I send my 6 year old to the bathroom when he’s
chomping down on some crackers? Of course not! 
A nursing mother is doing no different when feeding her baby. That is
the baby’s food – I would hope the public understands this. But wait, the
nursing mother is exposing part of her breast!

 So, that’s the offensive part that sends people in a crazed
frenzy to the manager, demanding that the mother stop feeding her child, unless
she does so in the bathroom (which by the way, you wouldn’t eat in a bathroom
stall…why would you expect a baby too?).  Basically, the root of the problem is that
American culture has a perverted view of a mother’s breast and since they can’t
deal with it, they expect mothers to go else where. As I come to this realization,
I am reminded of this passage in Titus:

 “To the pure, all things are pure, but to
those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both
their minds and consciences are corrupted.

Not to say that a woman’s breasts can not
be enjoyed by her husband. But, while she is nursing her child, it is only
natural that she do so whenever or wherever the baby is hungry, without regard
to the perverseness that pervades our culture. My wife is not a porn star for
nursing our baby in public!


7 thoughts on “Breastfeeding is OK

  1. Yes, it’s a rather inane set of rules that people are putting into place. They don’t even compromise when the breast is covered. It’s not acceptable to feed a baby, but it is acceptable for women to walk in half-clad, dressed as sluts or to display Victoria Secrets ads on prime time TV.

  2. I bet people have a problem with it because the breast-feeding woman isn’t being sleazy enough with her feeding.  Yeah, must be it.  >.>
    Kenneth pretty much hit the nail on the head there.

  3. It is weird, I suppose an evidence of a perverted culture, that sex and families are seen as having nothing to do with each other. It’s all about passion and lust–the idea of children is not even in the same dimension when it’s portrayed in the media (often). So where DO babies come from? *rolls eyes*

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