Fantastic Fridays

Wondergirl – Carly
Who says girls can’t play football? This girl certainly proves otherwise. Thanks to my wife for this recommendation.

Optical Illusion – Tree
Just thought this was a cool picture.

Squirrels and A.D.D.

Celebrate the 4th of July all year long with this fun and mindless entertainment.

Cool Party Trick
If you have people, and you should if you are throwing a party, here is a great trick to entertain the guests (and yourselves).

15 Amazing Body tricks
So, you have always aspired to be a ninja, but didn’t know how to get
started. Well, here’s the link for you. If you are a pirate, you can
learn your enemies’ strategies for free.

Total Momsense
Ok, so I am not a mom. But wife is one. And I have to say this video
definitely rings true with my wife. Comedian Anita Renfroe displays her
talent as she manages to fit everything mom’s say in a typical day into
a 2 minute framework of William Tell’s Overture. Believe it or not,
this one comes recommended by Dr. Manning.

Internet Periodic Table
So some nerd out there decided to take their chemistry class lessons
and apply to the internet. The result is a marvelous organization of
some the Net’s best websites, which is nothing short of pure genius.

Holy World Batman!
A collection of the world’s greatest holes.

Everything is Spiritual
A highly anticipated DVD on my part, Rob Bell spells out spirituality. Thanks to Asher for this one!


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