Fantastic Fridays

Honestly, I don’t know how this made it into my list. Very bizarre –
Indian version of Jackson’s thriller. I don’t know whether to laugh or

Box.Net – Bookmarks informed me of a new plug-in for all you Firefox users.  You
are now able to backup your bookmarks and access them from anywhere
with an internet connection. So not only do you have virtual storage,
but you also have a bookmark manager to keep you up to date and

Fantastic Illusions
If you are into optical illusions (and I know you are),  here is an
interesting clip explaining some of the basic illusions out there. 
Kept me entertained for a whole  1 minute and 9 seconds!

Something to Do
Just like it says.

Coffee Drinks Illustrated
So you wanted to be hip and sound like you know what you are talking
about when you ordered your new favorite drink from Starbucks, when in
reality you had no clue!  Well, this fantastic entry is sure to set you
up with all the barista word power you need.

Virtual Simon
Remember the hand-held memory game? Well, now you can play it online. Sweet!

Veggie Tales Arcade
Thanks to Asher for this one.  Think of Tetris with talking vegetables.

Human Flipbook
Awesome, ingenious way to make a commercial! The creative team over at
Erbert & Gerbert’s pulled off a flipbook on tee shirts. 

Insane Roller Coaster
Ok, I love the thrill of a roller coaster. But this is just insane.

MIT Open Courseware
Ever wanted a free education? Well, you can’t get credit for the courses, but you can get these courses for free.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. Cool.
    I added the MIT Open Courseware site to my favorites.
    However, I didn’t understand your coffee drinks link. You only need to know three words to order coffee correctly — 1. coffee 2. black 3. more
    : P

  2. I thought about watching bionic woman, but I didn’t want to be a slave to watching everything that the preview makes look interesting, cause I don’t want to be in front of the tube every night, but then I read reviews about it and it seems like I should have jumped on that boat cause apparently it was really well done. Maybe I can find the premier online. Everyone seems to be going that way. Cheers man

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