Fantastic Fridays

Consumer Consequences
You can all thank my wife for this entry. It is a game that helps us
realize how much our day-to-day consumptions affect the environment. I
am a far cry from a full on environmentalist, but we do the best we can
to live a crunchy lifestyle.

Ready Set Bumbo ( part 1 | part 2)
Another entry from my wife. A Bumbo seat – for those in the readership
who are not parents – is a seat designed to help babies seat up on
their own by shifting the center of gravity. One creative dad created
an epic battle between his baby (in a bumbo seat) and their dog through
the use of “still shots”.

Camouflaged Airplane Factory
A series of photos taken during World War II. The Lockheed Burbank
Aircraft plant camouflaged itself to look like a suburb from the air. 

Holographic Laptop
An incredible fusion of plastic and glass. While off, the lap top
monitor is clear while the keyboard is opaque. When on, the whole thing
comes to life. Fantastic!

Chalk Artist
I have seen this stuff before. However, this collection contains videos
which were fascinating to me. I don’t know how these guys are able to
take a two dimensional sidewalk and transform it into perception
defying piece of art.

Out of Pocket
Another crunch entry. In effort to drive down health prices, this
community project encourages people in the same area to list medical
prices.  The end result is an increase in competition and lower prices
on health care. While Plainview is too small for this, I think it has

Meiban Toaster
Spice up your breakfast life with this new toaster concept. 

Proof of Purchase
Disclaimer: some profanity. However, a very creative concept for a blog
told through cash receipts. Kind of wish I had thought of it.

Xkcd & Snopes
LOL.  A web comic entry about the popular de-mything site Snopes.


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