Cub Scout Camp Survivor

The rumors are true. I went to Cub Scouts camp with Caedmon over the weekend. Initially, I was worried. I am not one ofCamping Badge
those dads who can throw up a tent, kill me some grub, cook it on a
fire or even start a fire for that matter. However, the group I went
with were very helpful. As soon as we arrived, a group of guys started
taking out the poles and setting the tent up.  A mom was there and
already had the smores going, so Caedmon
was entertained. Basically, we all stayed up until about midnight just
chatting while the kids ran a muck with flashlights and finding bugs.
One troop found a rattle snake, killed it, and roasted it in their
fire. (No, thanks. I’ll pass on that one).

 Sleeping wasn’t all that bad either. We borrowed some self-inflating mats from the Barths
and slept reasonably well.  We had one incident at about 2:30 AM in the
morning. Caedmon woke up, flipping out about water. So I got him a
water bottle from the cooler.  Shortly there after, my left contact
popped out and I managed to catch it in the dark. I used some of
Caedmon’s water for a rinse and popped it back in.

The next day,
we did a couple of different activities. Caedmon shot a BB gun, used a
bow and arrow, played horseshoes, and even made his own leather belt
from start to finish. 


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