Fantastic Fridays

Firefox Fan Loyalty
They’ve got custom built cars and crop circles.

Robber breaks in twice
I don’t know how valid this is, but it makes for a good story. The
robber supposedly broke in a second time to leave a “I’m sorry” note,
realizing how much trouble he caused the family.

Symptom Checker
A great way to do a pre-doctor visit self diagnosis. 

Duck feeding fish
Aww, its a duck with a heart.

Twinkie Ingredients
I know that in posting this, I am shooting myself in the foot. 

8-bit Tie
If I were to wear a tie, this would be the one that I want.

Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors Chart
As suggested, this is the ultimate chart for playing our favorite hand game. With this, Caedmon doesn’t even stand a chance.

10 Oldest People
Need no explanation. Just pure fascination with longevity.

When Cloning Goes Wrong
Some very talented & creative photoshop artists create a gallery of mixed animals.



One thought on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. The 10 oldest people was interesting.The 8-bit tie and rock/paper/scissors chart were hilarious; however, as a corollary, I would add that twinkie beats all in ultimate rock/paper/scissors — because it will survive a nuclear explosion, the cockroach won’t eat it, and it’ll kill the man and woman.Vive la twinkie!

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