Fantastic Fridays

Super Spork
I think KFC should start carrying these.

Fish Bone Ice Tray
As the name suggests, these ice trays are shaped like fish bones. Think of them as floating conversational pieces. 


More Billboards
I am a sucker for creative advertisements.

Post-It Notes Art
Just some awesome artwork with post-it notes 

Make Love Not War Bedding
I loved the concept here. Do you know how many fights I would win with this?

Rally Cars
Do you remember those old electric car sets, where you build your own
track and hold down the button to make the cars zoom  around? Yeah, me
too. So here’s a virtual one!

For all you music & culture savvy peeps, this new service helps you
locate what’s happening in the hot spots around your town.

Alien Abduction Lamp
idk, my bff Jill?

Build your own remote listening device
Who doesn’t like doing the spy thing? And for only about three dollars!


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