Caedmon dropped the f-bomb

So, I walk into the living room and hear my 7 year old drop the f-bomb….

Feed readers: embedded video


3 thoughts on “Caedmon dropped the f-bomb

  1. Kevin,Oh man! I love this story. Thank you for the video post.I got your comment (all three! I just review them before they can be seen…). Do let me know when you are in Cloudcroft. I was in La Luz a while back but didn't make it up to Cloudcroft…but would love the visit. And I still need to head that way to go to the white sands. Here's to things going smoothly!!Warmth,Amanda

  2. how'd that go down? –and i couldn't remember who 'e10words' was at first. then i saw caedmon's name and i was like, KEVIN!!! glad to know we can both read each others blogs. if no one else is listening . . . .

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