Accelerating to Stop

Last week, my friend turned out of a parking lot and coasted to a red light about half a block away.  I was sitting in the passenger seat and felt a little weird going less than the accepted speed limit. Apparently, the look on my face indicated the awkwardness of the situation and he simply replied:

“What’s the point of accelerating towards a red light? You are just driving fast to come to a stop.”

This made sense to me. Not just in a simple understanding of the physics of acceleration sort of way, but in a deep life moment sense. My weekly schedule is filled to the brim with one activity after another:

– Sundays:  Church
– Mondays:  Piano Lessons (Caedmon), Boy Scouts
– Tuesdays:  Occupational Therapy
– Wednesdays:  LifeGroup (Equate Death Team)
– Thursdays: Homeschool Co-op

All of this on top of working from home, spending quality time with the kids and trying to be a supporting husband, not to mention a spiritual leader in my household (which I really, really struggle with).  My life is at full acceleration!

I look around me and realize that all this activity leads to incredible amounts of stress and the inevitable screeching halts that life throws my way. What am I doing this for?

Christ recognized this fault in me and said,

“Hey, take a breather and just set aside some time to talk to me.  Sit down and let me know what’s going on in your life. That way I can sure some of the stress while you vent. Trust me, life is so much easier this way.”

Matt. 11:28-30 | Kevin’s Paraphrased Edition

So if I am going to keep up my theme for the year, then a part of me is going to have to slow down long enough to think before I react. What about you? Are you accelerating to stop?


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