Fantastic Fridays

Another week of fantastic finds:

PacMan Explained
This explains a lot …

26 Great Geek Cakes
Seriously, when my birthday comes up…

Faking It
One should never fake a heart attack…in a court room…with trained medics in the room.

House of Falling Furniture
Creative works of art usually always make my list

All you need is paper, scissors, glue and a general sense of how to follow directions.

Teacher threatens student for using Linux
So distributing a free, open source program is considered piracy…. I think not.

Star Wars Retold …
… by someone who has never seen it. Pay no attention to the fact her name is Amanda… LOL! Thanks Asher for this one!


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. Kevin, I have my ubercard installed. This weekend you ought to come check it out. I just loaded NWN2 for a brief second to try it out maxed out, and it makes my previous setup look not just slow, but sluggish o_o

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