Fantastic Fridays

Leslie Hall Gem Sweaters
There is nothing like a little bit of Yo Gabba Gabba awesomeness to kick off your Friday.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Bizarre Letterman Appearance
Not sure what to make of this. Is he acting or is he really that out of it? At any rate, thanks to Brian Hale for this fantastic find.

Lego Devices
So Lego is coming out with a new line of electronics made to look like they were built out of oversized legos. Something for the kid in all of us!

New Way to Turn Off Lamp
There is no worrying about whether this lamp is on or off. If it’s broken, it’s off!

Mac Icon Pillows
These pillows are a great find for the post-modern house!

Lightbulb Candles
What can I say besides fantastic!?

Grandma’s Video Game
If only grandma had a video game….

Because Vanals like Tetris too
Enough said in the title.

Bunny Letter Opener
This is more cute than fantastic.

Bicycle Lift in Norway
I don’t know whether this is fantastic or lazy.


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