Story of 2 Doctors

I want to share with you 2 true stories about doctors and God’s providence. The first one I heard from John Piper. Although I don’t recall the name of the gentleman in the story, I do remember his story as it has left an impression on my part.

The story starts off at his daughter’s wedding. During the ceremony, he reaches up and touches two beautiful scars on his daughter’s neck. They are the scars from a tragic car accident that endangered his daughter’s life. A flash back takes to the scene of the accident, where in a doctor happened to be traveling down that road. As the doctor came upon the young girl, he decided that she needed a tracheotomy in order to breathe. It just so happened that he was carrying the necessary tools in his pocket that day in order to give her a tracheotomy. Looking back 3 years to this incident, the gentleman sees God’s providence in giving the doctor the courage to perform the medical services on the side of the road, risking his license. God also knew that the accident would happen and had the necessary tools in the doctor’s pocket.

Another story I would like to share happened close to home. A doctor was in his car with his children driving into town. His wife was in the car behind them carrying the extra items. One of the children needed to use the bathroom, so the doctor crossed the lane and pulled over to let his son go on the side of the road. A semi happened to be coming down the road and swirved to miss ongoing traffic. The mom saw the semi heading straight for her husband and son, so she honked. The doctor heard the honking and picked his son up just in time to throw him out of the way before the semi took the doctor’s life.

It is during the second story we tend to think that God’s grace wasn’t present. For some reason, we assume that because we love God or because God loves us, it means that we are free from all the harshness and bad things that might happen. But in reality, God only promises that He will be there to walk us through these trials.


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