Christian Theology Reader

Over the past 2 years, I lacked the motivation to keep my blog rolling because I was so distracted by work & life. I decided that if nothing else, I could blog through a book (thanks Julie & Julia) and in doing so gain some bits of wisdom, discover something about my beliefs, and in the end gain a little more discpline in my life.

I dug up my copy of Alister McGrath’s Christian Theology Reader and will be going through it over the next year. To be honest, it is not a book I would have picked up except it was required for some coursework in my undergraduate studies (almost 10 years ago!). After reading it for assignments, I decided to keep it because it covered all the basics of Christian theology from Justin Martyr to Karl Barth and then some. You an pick up a used copy from Amazon for around $30.00.

At any rate, any post labeled “Christian Theology Reader” is from this series of posts.


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