“Save” Souls, Win Prizes

About 4 years ago, I was ready to leave the institutional church. I was angry with weekly Sunday routine embedded with a lack of authenticity during Sunday School and “worship” time. When all motivation and desire to go was gone, I took my family down a temporary path of avoiding “church”.  Fortunately, my wife gave a swift kick in the rear by reminding me that I was the spiritual leader of our family and this path was not acceptable. It was a painful journey, but eventually we found a congregation we could identify with and that ember was brought back to life.
I came across a video today that took me down that path again. Knots formed in my stomach as I watched as this pastor took on the role of game show host, rewarding key members for the diligent efforts to “save souls” and bring in baptisms:

Found via Jesus Needs New PR


2 thoughts on ““Save” Souls, Win Prizes

  1. ohhhhhh. barf. almost needed a new computer there for a second because of almost losing my lunch on my keyboard.this depresses me beyond all reason. the spinning of the wheel. the game show feel. she laxidasical-ness about salvation and turning it into a game that rewards obedience by $250 trips to joyland. some churches have it soooooooo backwards.

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