Blogging Resurrection

I finished reading this amazing, yet nerdy book entitled Say Everything. It is written by Scott Rosenberg and details the history of the blogosphere as we know it. Gizmodo, Blogger, Twitter, Google, MySpace, YouTube, Engadget..they are all in there. Scott does a wonderful job of taking the reader through the history of modern blogging from its very roots to the things we think of as standard today.

At any rate, this isn’t a post about the book (I am horrible at book reviews). This post is about a quote I found in the book. A nugget of resurrection if you will:

Blogging gave my knowledge-grazing direction and reward. Writing a blog entry about a useful and/or interesting subject forces me to extract the salient features of the link into a two- or three-sentence elevator pitch to my readers, whose decision to follow a link is predicated on my ability to convey its interestingness to them. – Cory Doctorow

It breathed some life into what I had already felt. Over the past year, I kept changing the design of the blog. And once the thrill of the new design was gone, so was the luster to post. It needs to be rewired, rebooted, started over with a new internal structure. Granted it will be more random than my periodic Fantastic Fridays and religious thoughts (they will be there two). I hope that in the end you will find it as enjoyable as I do writing it.


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