Thank You Mr. Washer

A friend and I were talking the other night about redefining youth ministry, when she brought up his name. Paul Washer is most noted for his Shocking Youth Message. I remember when the video first started meming a couple of years ago. The video brought a mixture of emotion from the Christian side of the blogosphere and for the most part, I found myself agreeing with Mr. Washer.

After our youth ministry discussion, I decided to look up more of Paul’s videos. I stumbled across one entitled “Get off Facebook and be a man”. Naturally, a title such as that draws you in, especially if you are a male who uses Facebook on daily basis. Here’s what I saw:

My initial reaction was anger. He was challenging these young men to stop playing “little games” on Facebook and act like those who sold themselves into slavery. I found his manner offensive and noted several inconsistencies between his message and his actions:

  • This video is distributed through a social networking platform for the purpose of spreading God’s word. Facebook has the same potential.
  • Paul Washer himself is not “selling himself into slavery”, otherwise he wouldn’t be free to deliver such a message

After my initial anger subsided, I started looking at the plank in my own eye. It wasn’t easy or comfortable to admit, but the truth of the matter is that I have been playing games. My spiritual life has taken second, third, and even forth place among the myriad of events I deal with in my daily life. So this post is a thank you to Mr. Walker for at least stirring some emotion within me. Good did come out of it. 🙂


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