Where does my blog fit?

Head over to the Web Designer Depot for a moment: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2011/02/the-7-personality-types-of-bloggers-today/
I wondered after reading this article where my tiny little blog fit in the spectrum. Most of it could be filed under the Lady Gaga syndrome. I have been keeping a journal of some sort since the 6th grade. Blogs were a natural extension of my journaling habits.
Over the life of my blog, there has been fluctuations. At one point, I had 400 hits a day. This is miniscule compared to the uber bloggers out there, but it boosted my ego a little. I can remember back in 2004-2006 when it felt like there was a community of bloggers that ran in the same social circles as I did. That was my favorite part. Watching Christ transcend technology and bringing together people. I even had the privilege of meeting a few of my fellow bloggers.
Since then, some have moved on to write books. Others have started ministries. A few quit the blogging world as they moved on with their lives. I have just stayed in limbo. Actually, I went crazy, deleted all my blogs, and then came to my senses to start them over again.
Now I find myself pensive. What could this blog be? Will it ever reach that point where there is content that is thought-provoking without shoving it down someone’s throat?


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