1. Thinking:  One word comes to mind: more. I need to blog more, exercise more, pray more, read more
  2. Enjoying: The new seasons of Grimm & Once Upon A Time, loving on my 2 year old before he gets too old for daddy’s kisses, learning the Judaic roots of my faith, iTunes Festival
  3. Feeling: wholly inadequate. Hurt my back this weekend and it has put behind on a lot of housework. 
  4. Wearing: Levi 569s jeans, white ankle length socks, Sunday school t-shirt (they require the teachers to wear)
  5. Needing: to go to the dentist & probably several things from list item 1. 
  6. Wanting: several new tunes, a couple of books, & things on my Amazon Wish List.
  7. Listening: True Story podcast, Mumford & Sons, Andy Grammar, The Script, OneRepublic, Fun., Green River Ordinance
  8. Making: programming a logic puzzle game on an HTML 5 platform & customizing my blog
  9. Eating: love the new Panda Express in town. Could eat the Peppered Chicken literally every day.
  10. Drinking: random assortment of cold teas. I just raid the pantry and try different combinations. This week’s flavor is an orange flavored green tea mixed with a regular blend.
And what about you?

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