Theology of Two Adams

Photo via JD Hancock

In last few weeks, I have been rediscovering authentic manhood and establish a definition to challenge myself and live by as I love my wife, lead my children, and bring value to my workplace.

In 1 Corinthians 15:45-49, there is a comparison of Adam & Christ.
 45 The first man was named Adam, and the Scriptures tell us that he was a living person. But Jesus, who may be called the last Adam, is a life-giving spirit. 46We see that the one with a spiritual body did not come first. He came after the one who had a physical body. 47The first man was made from the dust of the earth, but the second man came from heaven. 48Everyone on earth has a body like the body of the one who was made from the dust of the earth. And everyone in heaven has a body like the body of the one who came from heaven. 49Just as we are like the one who was made out of earth, we will be like the one who came from heaven.
Through this comparison, we establish a definition for authentic manhood. In the Genesis account, God gave Adam three specific responsibilities to follow:
  1. God gave man a will to obey.
  2. God gave man a work to do.
  3. God gave man a woman to love.
The first realization is that there is a will greater than our own to follow. In Adam’s case, he was told not to eat from Tree of Knowledge.  It was a simple rule. The 10 commandments had not been established. There were no levitical laws to follow: simply, do not eat from the Tree. Obey a will greater than his own. God also gave Adam work to do in the caring of the garden, naming the animals, etc. And ultimately, he gave Adam his wife, Eve to love, cherish, lead and serve. Yet, we see in all three accounts, Adam failed.
So did Christ – the second Adam –  follow these three specific rules?  You can’t get a complete picture of biblical manhood without looking at Christ. If we look at his life, we will see Christ was given the same responsibilities as the first Adam, except Christ was victorious:
  1. Christ followed God’s will even to the point of death. John 4:34
  2. Christ accomplished all the work God had for him. John 17:4
  3. Christ loved the Church, his bride. Ephesians 5:25
Comparing the two: One man’s example is worth throwing out. One man’s example is worth keeping.
In the first Adam we’re broken. In the second Adam we’re redeemed. Every man will walk in the shadow of one of these two men.

Original Study via 33 Series


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