Fantastic Fridays – 013114 Edition

Semi-weekly guide to curated finds:

  • Moshi – Touch Sensitive iPhone Case that allow you to answer and talk on the phone without having to open the cover.
  • Google Glass for Prescriptions – Google is now partnering with VSP, one of the largest vision insurance companies in the nation to make their wearable tech. available to prescription glass users. Did I mention that my work insurance uses VSP?
  • Single Thread Portraits – Thread and nails are the only items amazing artist, Kumi Yamashita, needs to create stunning portraits in an ongoing series called “Constellation”. And yes, its one strand.
  • Coffee Cups – Another artist entry on the list. This time in the form of coffee cups, pointillism, and line art.
  • More Than Words – a study of three top selling novelists reveals their most used words. Hint: Harry Potter is drunk.
  • Lost Animal Found Through Twitter – leveraging the exposure through social media Lauren Vranch reunites a little girl with her lost stuffed animal
  • Aventures d’un village – what if your book told its story through folding pages?
  • Anitype – an experiment in animated typography
  • 5 Minute Journal – combining the proven elements of positive psychology, the 5 minute journal will help you regain perspective on the things that will make you happy

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