Fantastic Fridays – 03072014 Edition

When blogs first rolled out in the early 90’s, they were simply a collection to interesting sites on a new platform that world had yet to experience. In keeping with the spirit of the original blogs, each week I read hundreds of blogs, posts, memes and curate a list of fantastic finds ranging from great distractions to creative works of art. For more frequent updates follow me on Twitter: @massivetruth.

  • 7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes – I was not aware that my tolerance for alcohol is statistically tied to my eye color.
  • Old Garage Turned Into a Mini-Dream Home – I have always had a strange fascination with livable tight places. Take this detached garage for example.
  • The Evolution of Game Consoles – Need I say more?
  • Make It So: Sir Patrick Stewart Moos In Udder Accents – If you didn’t already respect him for roles like Captain Jean-Luc Picard, you will certainly walk away with more respect than you thought possible for a guy talking about bovine communication
  • Breakfast – No eggs & bacon on this site. Just an incredible example of how applied technology can affect every day life.
  • Kalu Yala – Imagine heading to your next creative planning meeting in the middle of the Panama jungle. That’s exactly where this group of more than 100 entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists, and yogis did.
  • FlowerShell – A creative spin on shot gun shells that create life, instead of taking it.
  • Rekindle – Benjamin Shine has assembled a creative candle holder that collects the melted way in such a fashion that it recreates another candle.
  • Eco Clip – why let all that scrap paper go to waste? With the Eco Clip you can turn any stack of paper into a notebook on the fly.
  • Karma WiFi – an affordable alternative to my current cellular data plan?
  • Build With Chrome – if you haven’t seen the ads for this, I would be shocked. Yet, its worth mentioning because it was an entertaining distraction to my afternoon. Google has perfected the art of letting me play with Legos at work.
  • Productivity Tips from the Experts – In order to redeem the time you wasted on Build with Chrome, read through some great tips & discover tools to boost your productivity.

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