Prayer Horizons: Ostomy

Warning: This post is graphic in nature. Come to think of it, that is the defining attribute of spiritual growth and discipleship under Christ. Faith takes us into graphic, violent places of life, challenges our dependence on God, and uses us as a beacon of hope.

The News

A couple of weeks ago, we were informed that a friend of ours was waiting to hear back on test results. It was a possibility that one of the treatment options was an ostomy bag. This was the first time that I ever heard of medical technology of this nature. It both intrigued and terrified me. A surgical opening is cut in the patient’s abdomen and a bag is attached that allows waste to exit the body. A bittersweet solution to those patients whose system does not allow them to properly defecate or urinate. One the one hand, it is saving lives and on the other, it feels like a jail sentence when you think about the implications.

Patients have to constantly monitor the bag & empty it before it gets to full. There’s social implications if its smells or others find out. Who cleans it up if the bag bursts, etc.

Prayer Suggestions

  • Shield patients from feelings of shame and social anxiety as they adjust to their lifestyle
  • Caretakers & spouses (especially those with weak stomachs) who help clean up
  • The strains this type of care puts on a relationship
  • Serenity and gratitude for life-saving devices such as this one
Prayer Horizons: The concept of prayer horizons was born out of my desire to broaden my perspective on life and carefully consider the lives of others outside the boundaries of my established comfort zone.



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