A Knitted Paradox

After months of trying to rent the movie, my wife and I finally sat down to watch Pitch Perfect. For some strange reason, its not available on any of the streaming platforms, so we had to settle for the DVD version. I realize that as I am typing this out, that’s a first world problem. Sorry about that.

I’m glad we bought the DVD. We will end up watching the “aca-awesome” movie multiple times over. Its the perfect combination of humor, good music, fantastic acting and an inspiring appreciation of the modern acapella movement. It’s a love instilled in me when I watched the first season of Sing Off with my wife. There’s something fascinating about a group of people who can sing with no instruments… I ‘m chasing another rabbit trail. This is the second and last time I am going to apologize…at least in this post.

Beyond the acapella there was something else that drew me into the world of Beca, Jesse and their entourage of their musically gifted college recruits.  I found myself envious of how interesting the character’s lives seemed. Beca’s sarcasm is dropped in perfect timing and paired with an uncanny ability to recall from a vast & varied library of music.Her main love interest, Jesse, is charming, funny, and genuinely likeable, equipped with the same raw acapella talent of Beca.

Naturally, I took a humble trip down memory lane back to my college years. The truth is that I was (still am) strange, lacking social graces in most situations. Being raised by an alcoholic has left its mark.  It truly is a wonder what my wife saw in me. To be perfectly honest, I felt like had nothing to contribute. I tried learning music multiple times, but self-taught piano lessons do not work on someone who is truly tone deaf. I attempted drawing and found my lack of depth perception was a hindrance. I’ve avoided sports most of my life because of the hole in my chest. Politics, economics & psychology were my worst subjects. I was the first to lose any argument due to my natural tendency to make logical fallacies.

I’m reminded of what David realized in Psalm 139:

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

God made me on purpose. Whatever talents I lack are pale in comparison to the realization that there is a distinct and very real purpose in my life.  Each stitch in the fabric of my being was carefully made by a holy, perfect and graciously good Creator. He didn’t forget to give me talent. He purposely wove me around it.

I’m never going to be Beca or Jesse. My wife has sucked up all the humor and sarcasm talent in our marriage. Not to mention all the musicality and genuinely interesting eclectic taste in music. She’s introduced me to a lot of classics over the years! I am never going to be charming or socially normal.  I think I’ve come to terms with this knitted paradox.

How about you? Ever feel like God skipped out on giving you talents? How have you coped?


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