Fantastic Fridays

When blogs first rolled out in the early 90′s, they were simply a collection to interesting sites on a new platform that world had yet to experience. In keeping with the spirit of the original blogs, each week I read hundreds of blogs, posts, memes and curate a list of fantastic finds ranging from great distractions to creative works of art. For more frequent updates follow me on Twitter:@massivetruth or check out my Flipboard: .

  • Minim House – This 210 sq. foot home maximizes efficiency without compromising on design.
  • Shelter Co. – Imagine inviting your guests over for a catered dinner to your next camping trip. That’s what Shelter Co. brings to the table with their unique pop up tent & catering service.
  • As man’s mind fades, heart comes to the rescue – “It’s special, because even though the mind doesn’t remember everything, the heart remembers,”Doris Amrine said in describing her husband who struggles with Alzheimer’s.
  • Mini moss lawn in your loo – It almost makes sense, getting out of the shower and dripping onto a lush, green carpet of moss thriving on the humidity.
  • Filtering A New Idea: A Book That’s Educational And ‘Drinkable’ – Each page in this book doubles as a water filtration device in the Drinking Book. Beyond the interesting concept, it can help greatly reduce the amount disease prevalent in communities with poor quality water.

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