Hearing The Father’s Voice

The first thing I set my mind to when I arrived home today was to water the lawn. Yesterday, I put down a layer of fertilizer and I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget. After setting my satchel down, I made my way through the house and out to the back yard. Our lawn irrigation is fed through an underground well, that I turn on & off via a switch in the shed. As such, my usual habit is to position the back sprinklers and then move to the front yard, before coming back to turn on the well water. 

It just so happened that this time around, I caught the 4 year old’s attention while passing through the house. By the time he crawled through the doggy door (I know, I know – its a thing), I had already made it to the front yard. As children are prone to do, Hendrix immediately yelled my name when he realized I was not within eye sight. About the same time, an ambulance drove by with its siren blaring in that familiar series of “wee-woo, wee-woo”. From the back yard, I could hear the 4 year old’s small voice and smiled. I loved his little voice and sensed his desire to find me. But, I knew that it would not matter if I responded, because Hendrix would not be able to hear me over the noise. Having not found me soon enough, Hendrix made his way back into the house (through the doggy door, I presume), with a disappointing short-ended hunt.

Of course, Hendrix reiterated his entire adventure through the door in pursuit of me. I assured him that I was near the whole time and apologized for not coming quickly enough.  Then it occurred to me that hidden within this little moment was a reality of my relationship with God. How often have I gone out looking for Him, desperately trying to hear his voice? How often has God, in His infinite wisdom, chosen to remain silent knowing that the noises of life were so prevalent, we wouldn’t hear Him? How tender has He responded when finally found Him, having crawled through the doggy door when He crafted a regular door for our own use?

It breathes new life and security into my relationship with Him when I think about it in those terms. The Psalmist described it like this:

And those who know your name put their trust in you,
for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.
– Psalm 9:10

How about you? Have you ever struggled to hear God’s voice? How did you overcome it?



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