On Hanx, Fantastic Fridays and this Blog

I am typing my first my first blog post with the new Hanx writer. I am gleefully staring at the screen as the hammers of my virtual typewriter strike screen and the elation of each strike hits my ears. It will be interesting to see how this translates into a blog post, because I have not messed with the exporting functions yet. Who knows, maybe I will actually be able to collect my thoughts more frequently out here in blog land.

The unfortunate reality of the situation is that my thoughts on theology and life leave almost as soon as they form. That combined with the fact that my children are almost always present and proficient with interrupting the simplest of tasks. I foolishly attempted to watch a video and compose an entry on it about an young entrepreneur, but after the 12th time of getting up to help with everything from pouring a glass of water to opening a jar of Nutella, I just gave up. In fact, when the kids heard the keystrokes, they both came over and begged me to install this app on theirs. Of course, I am happy to do so and bear no grudges against them. They’re natures are inquisitive and their dependence on me as their parent will become ever more precious as they venture into the teenage years and begin to establish their own independence. That being said, I find it difficult to capture any of my own thoughts.

As you may have noticed, I have also stopped my weekly postings of Fantastic Fridays. I am still collecting links via Flipboard, but have not the energy to write posts about them. It is sad in a way, because I have kept that collection going for almost a decade now. I’ve even had my wife’s friends asking what happened when I would miss a post. It was fun discovering new things and sharing them with the world. Yet, in the fast paced society dominated by social media, the concept of an actual web log has lost its novelty. Eventually, these things retire and such is the case of Fantasic Fridays.

I’ve also give some thought to redefining the image of this blog. On the one hand, I have focused entirely on theology and dived into the ins and outs of authentic manhood. They still have a place in my heart, but I am not gifted to speak eloquently on such things. I’ve always loved theology, but never to the point of becoming a theologian. Redefining manliness has interested me since I grew up without a father or a love for football, cars, and beer. To be honest, I think what I am really good at is teaching about technology.

With that in mind, I am going to ask a favor of you the reader. Help me shift the focus of my blog and establish a new facet to my content here in the cyberworld.

What skills would you say I excel at enough to write posts on them?


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