Useless Weeping Angels

On my work desk resides a grey knitted figurine with features too subtle to capture the attention of most onlookers. Knotted wings on hang lazily from its back and a pair of arms stretched upward cover the unmarked face of the doll’s front. Only a true Whovian (Dr. Who fan) would recognize the doll as one of “the only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely”, that is to say as a Weeping Angel. By all accounts, the doll is remarkably useless, serving no utilitarian purpose. It’s fluffy generic stuffing barely holds the doll upright, nor is it qualified to serve as a bookend or a paper weight.


Yet, the unavailing doll holds an elevated position in my office due to the sentimentality that surrounds it. Crafted by the hands of my beautiful wife, I recognize that she spent time to weave the threads together into something she knew I, as an unashamed Whovian, would enjoy. So its not just the time spent, but also the fact the she understands my interests and there is an element of intimacy involved in crafting the doll. This weeping angel was made especially for me and for the time being, I would not willingly depart with it.

That being said, the Scriptures are littered with stories about the unqualified in life:

  • Jacob cheated for his birthright (Gen. 25-27)
  • Peter had a temper (John 18)
  • David had an affair (2 Samuel 11)
  • Noah got wasted and laid naked (Gen. 9)
  • Jonah ran from God (Jonah 1-4)
  • Moses murdered (Exodus 2)
  • Gideon was insecure (Judges 6-8)
  • Miriam gossiped (Numbers 12)
  • Martha worried (Luke 10)
  • Thomas doubted (John 20)
  • Sara was impatient(Gen. 16)
  • Elijah was moody (2 Kings 2)
  • Zacchaeus was short (Luke 19)
  • Abraham was old (Gen. 21)
  • Lazarus was dead (John 11)

How much more valuable are we to the Creator than the doll on my desk? With a relentless love, God seemingly useless from all walks of life with emotional baggage and physical ailments.


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