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Breakfast from Around the World – Most mornings, mine consists of a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich with a medium vanilla iced coffee. As a child it was some version of sugar ladened cereal marketed as part of a complete & balanced breakfast. Please tell me the one period in my early 20’s where it consisted of Dr. Pepper and powdered donuts was just a dream. Regardless, the world has a much broader definition of breakfast than I originally had.

a letter to mitchell browne, ‘why should artists at work fund idlers at art?’ – Admittedly, I’ve fallen on both sides of the fence when it comes to funding the arts. I realize that doesn’t make me popular, especially among the creatives, but it’s an honest response. After homeschooling our kids for 9 years, I have a completely different perspective rooted in the desire to recognize God given talent in my own children and creating an environment that encourages those talents to grow (my daughter is an artist). Dave Lamb further solidify’s support for the arts in his compelling response to Mitchell Browne.

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2 thoughts on “Interesting Reads

  1. Sorry Kevin, but I still remember your breakfasts being Dr. Peppers and powdered donuts at the library waaaay past your late twenties :), it was no dream I was there!! I’m still eating the same breakfast everyday except for orange juice instead of Dr. P.

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