Interesting Reads

Hopefully you were able to spend some time with your family, stayed safe during your travels, and thoroughly enjoyed your time off. I picked up several articles over the weekend that I thought were worth sharing!

I Went To Old Navy At 3 A.M. This Morning, Because I Could – Sapna Maheshwari from Buzzfeed takes us on an adventure through a local Old Navy store at 3 a.m. Admitedly, my wife and I did a little “Black Friday” shopping after supper on Thanksgiving. We dared not stay longer than we had to and maybe it would be have been wiser to wait to the early morning hours!

Several weeks ago, my boss and I headed out to Florida for a week long boot camp on a learning management system implementation.  We spent several hours collectively there and back again. My favorite food was the Buffalo Wild Wings (I need to get out more). That being said, I’ve never had the quality of food that Aarian Marshall describes in When People Looked Forward to Eating Airport Food.

Max, our dog, is loyal but also easily scared. Not as committed as this one though: Dog Follows Athletes Through Mud And Water, And Melts Hearts. To be fair, I am not as committed to going though the muck required of the participants either.

Imagine walking into the backyard and seeing me whirl my child over my head holding on to her ankles. When asked what I am doing, I explain she was choking and instead of the heimlich manuever, I opted for the Shepherd’s Trick. Now that you’re sufficiently disturbed, through the thought away. I’m not that strong.


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