Good Reads

How do you feel about product reviews? I confess that I do leave them as often as I should, which is ironic because I depend on them when I am about to purchase something new.  Meet Ali Julia. She happens to be the #1 ranked reviewer on

Elaborate stunt proves all Christmas carolers should have a 20-piece band – Traditional caroling is so rare over here in West Texas, I would be elated to have seen just the 4 carolers in the beginning. A 20-Piece band would be amazing!

Serial’s Transformation of Audio Journalism Is Just Beginning – If you listen to podcasts, then you know Serial.  My wife and I have been hooked from Episode 1 and look forward to Season 2. The team over at Wired looks at the impact it has had on longform podcasting.  Its almost like we’ve come full circle back to the days before television when you just heard stories.

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