Quicken Your Mortal Bodies

First, is unreasonably difficult to compose a blog post in the room with children who at the present are watching “Cats and Dogs Dressed in Halloween Costumes”. They follow every clip with a “Dad, look!”. Now they are wanting me to name each of the animals that prance across the screen, annoyed with their owner’s sense of humor.

I digress. The real reason of this post is to ask you a question that I am not entirely sure how to word. Our men’s group is starting Old Testament Characters by Peter Scazzero tomorrow night. I’m excited about the study, but wonder if we’ve placed the heroes of faith on too high of a pedestal. When we think of Abraham, Daniel, and other extraordinary people in the Scriptures, there is a tendency to place them on a pedestal of unparalleled faith. That their accomplishments are remarkable and wholly unobtainable. Yet, when I pull back and look at these forerunners of the faith, I see a simple formula: God moving and humanity responding. So then, isn’t that still applicable today? Can I also learn the same lessons from fellow Christians that I can from Isaac, Jacob & Joseph? Paul writes to the Romans:

“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.” – Romans 8:11

I’m looking forward to studying the activity of God in these character’s lives. But I also wonder if the lives in those who surround me have just as many lessons to learn?


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