3 Things Your Turkey Leg Can Teach You About Sin

First, let’s get this out of the way: this is not a post on gluttony, nutrition, Torah food laws, Ezekiel bread, the Paleo diet, body cleanses, vegetarians or essential oils. Whew! Feel better? I do.

It is actually about turkey legs. The big, juicy kind, fried to perfection and found at the local fair. I’m salivating thinking about it. And this post is about sin. The ugly, nasty kind, nurtured from selfish desires and found in every human heart since the dawn of time.

So what do turkey legs teach us about sin?

1. Death entered the world through sin. We all know the transgressions of Adam & Eve left us with a disheveled creation. Paul makes note of this in Romans 5:12. Seeing that you have to kill a turkey to get its leg (if you’re humane), then we know that tasty turkey amputation was not a thing until after sin entered the world.

2. Man was given permission to eat animals after the Flood. Check out Genesis 9:3. That’s right … no fried turkey legs for Noah until after the world is wiped out & turkeys have a chance to grow back on Earth. The world is of course wiped out due to the pervasiveness of sin.

3. I contribute to the depravity of the world. Now, if Adam were the only human to ever commit sin, then I would argue he is to blame. However, I know that I have sinned and that you have sinned – its the one thing we have in common aside from an internet connection. Not only did it leave its mark in the beginning, but sin has perpetually marred perfection through our habitual tendency to do the exact opposite of what God expects of us. So this leads me to believe that every time I chomp down on a tasty, poultry treat, I am reminded that I too have contributed to the depravity of the world.

So while you are thinking about fair food & your transgressions, I leave you with this last thought from Tim Hawkins in his epic parody, “I won’t forget the chickens who died, who gave their life for me…”


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