Could Jesus Be the Ultimate Monk

When you think of a monk, what comes to mind? For me, its a daibo wielding warrior whose exemplary martial skills and uncanny discipline make them a formidable team member. Not to mention they add their Wisdom modifier to their armor. I also understand that most of my friends and family have no clue what I just said and if I tried to explain it to them, they would just scoff and carry on about their day.

For most, the image of a monk that comes to mind is the sagacious guru wrapped in an oversized sheet who meditates all day. Culture at large shares the opinion that a monk’s extremely disciplined lifestyle has allowed them to transcend common, everyday talk. So when they speak, the entire audience listens.

While I think it would be entertaining to try to make Jesus into the former monk, the analogy would fall apart after you stuck a double-headed staff in his hand. However, I do think that if there was ever a perfect monk, a true vessel of wisdom who spoke words of life to those around him, it would have to be Christ. Check out what John says about it:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – John 1:1

Noticed how “Word” is capitalized. In the Greek, the word for “Word” is actually Logos. While the term literally means “word or words”, there is a concept behind capitalizing it that is foreign to our modern day ears. John’s audience would have understood it as the Hellenistic (read: Greek) personification of the truth or the words of deity. That there was an almost cosmic force that wisdom embodied and the name for it is Logos (with the capital). John goes on to write that this wisdom, this truth became flesh as Christ.

Jesus was literally truth.

Think about that for a moment and consider that Christ is our mentor, our savior, our prophet, & our priest. That He has truly risen from the dead and speaks to us all the time. What impact would that have on our lives if we understood Christ to speak the truth when he says things like, “I love you and would have died again for you.”

So what do you think, ultimate monk?


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