Think of that Tina Turner song & add some glory to it.

You know exactly the song I am talking about.  All I have to do is belt out in “What’s love got to do …” and unanimously across the blogosphere (or at least in this readership), the lyrics of Turner’s 1984 hit fall out of our mouths. We love the song and what it has to do with it.

For whatever reason, that song came to mind when I read this in Isaiah:

“… everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” (‭Isaiah‬ ‭43‬:‭7‬ ESV)

However, instead of the word love I replaced it in my mind with glory.  And much to my wife’s approval, I refrained from belting it out.  But seriously, have you ever thought about what God’s glory has to do with the purpose in your life?

I’ve given it some thought and this what I came up with:

As a Husband – my wife is made in God’s image and for His glory. This should impact the way I treat her. It also alters my perception of our relationship to the point that marriage is no longer about making me (or her) happy. Rather it is a reflection of God’s grace in the lives of 2 people who willingly put aside their differences and desires in order to live together.  Marriage is not about happiness, it is about God’s glory.

As a Parent – my children do not exist simply because I impregnated my wife. Rather, they too are made in God’s image and for His glory. And so this is a unique opportunity to shape and guide three lives that you otherwise would not have direct influence on. I can show them God’s love, forgiveness, and grace in an environment that no one else in the entire world will experience. I am a parent for God’s glory.

As an Employee – I do not work simply to make money. In fact, the conventional wisdom around talent management suggests that employees do not quit a company, they quit a manager.  So then, my work is rather an opportunity to influence & serve others for the purpose of God’s glory. When asked why I give 100% even when I am not recognized for it, my response should be that I am not doing this for man, but as a reflection of the inspiration God has given me. That my job is privilege of His provision.

So with this in mind, think of 1 person you talked to today. What did they see about God in you?


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