Fasting: Lens of Experience

See, told you that you could survive a series on fasting without starving. We’ve made it this far and if you are considering fasting as part of your spiritual growth, here’s my advice: start slowly & pray for guidance. Understand that fasting is not a tool for manipulating God or bending His will, but quiet the opposite. It is a tool for discovering what is truly in control of your life and lining yourself up with God’s will.

Anyone attempting fasting should do so in a progression. It is recommended to start with skipping a meal, then moving to a day, then to a few days. Perhaps the most important part, is to keep your focus on God. As the hunger pains surface due to your body’s conditional responses, take that as an opportunity to remind yourself of spiritual hunger. Confide in someone who will join you in prayer as you work through the fast.

Fasting does not have to be limited to food. You can fast from anything that you feel has control over your life: caffeine, TV, sports, social media, etc.

In 2013, Blood Water Mission launched a campaign to help raise funding for clean water in underdeveloped countries. The challenge was that for 40 days, participants would only drink water as their beverage. Since water is usually free at restaurants, they were asked to calculate how much the drink would have cost and donate it to their mission. The idea caught on and is now called Save a Drink, Save a Life. The concept is applicable to any charity.

Personally, I’ve fasted for times of direction and in times when there was a crisis going on in my life. The past year in particular has seen several fasts.  The impact is usually the same: I feel closer to God,  closer to His security and safer when the world around me is swirling in chaos.

Discipline of Fasting Series


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