Spiritual Discipline: Service

boss-fight-free-high-quality-stock-images-photos-photography-Man-Serving-Beer-From-A-Pitcher-960x600“Learn the lesson that, if you are to do the  work of a prophet, what you need is not a scepter but a hoe.” – Bernard of Clairvaux

Conceptually, as Christians, servanthood should come as 2nd nature (difficult to practice, but easily understood as an expectation).  That being said, there is an underlying fundamental distinction between self-righteous service and true service:

  • Self-righteous service comes through human effort. It seeks external rewards and is often controlled by moods or whims. Self-righteous service picks who to serve and is insensitive, often forcing its way to serve even when it is destructive.
  • True service comes from a relationship with Christ. It serves simply because there is a need to serve, and nothing more. True service is content in hiddenness and can withhold service as freely as it can be performed.

So as we dive into this next series, challenge yourself to question your motivation for serving. Is it more often for yourself or others’ benefit?

Spiritual Discipline: Service Series


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