Service: Lens of Experience

The Service of Hiddenness: While humility is an internal aspect of this characteristic, there is also an external side to it.  People who are affected by anonymous ministry sense a deeper compassion without a label that in turn allows them to participate in ministry down the road.

The Service of Small Things: You serve because there is a need, not because of the size of the task.  In Spiritual discipline, you will learn that the real issues are found in the tiny, insignificant corners of life.

The Service of Guarding Others’ Reputations: Learn to hold your tongue and do not be party to slanderous talk of others (Titus 3:2).

The Service of Being Served: Allow others to serve you and do not rob them of that joy. We may think that we are trying to be humble in refusing service, but it is often pride more than anything.

The Service of Common Courtesy: Missionaries are in the position to best understand this principle. They would dare not bungle through a village without first understanding the culture.

The Service of Hospitality: We should be opening our homes to one another as extension of the love of Christ. Paul even goes so far as to say that hospitality is one of the requirements of the office of bishop (1 Tim. 3:2).

The Service of Listening: Sometimes, just listening is all that a person needs. You do not have to have the correct answers or sage wisdom to listen well.

The Service of Bearing Burdens: Taking on others hurts and burdens is the example Christ gave us. It too is a discipline, because we have to learn the boundaries crossing over into enabling instead of helping. It is difficult terrain.

Spiritual Discipline: Service Series


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