When God Helps You Tie Your Shoes

I can’t remember exactly what I was doing, but it had to do with making supper. Somewhere in the midst of stirring the pot, reducing the heat,  & rinsing my spoon, I looked over my shoulder to see my youngest sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. He had leaned back on both hands to prop himself up, and pointed both feet in my direction. There at the end of his toes were two shoes, one hanging on each foot.

Hendrix looked up with those captivating eyes of his and in a sweet voice asked, “Dad, will you tie my shoes.”

Overcome with my love for him and just the sweetness of the moment, I dropped what I was doing and kneeled down to tie his shoes for him. Before I knew it, the moment was over and he was off to the neighbor’s house to play.

Aside from a father’s love, there was something else about that moment that stuck out to me.  Hendrix came to me when he needed help.

You see, I have been on the receiving end of my children’s laziness more than once (and usually during the most inopportune times).  They yell across the house as if something were on fire, only to find out they wanted me to turn the ceiling fan off. Or they make me think death is imminent only to find they lost their stuffed animal. Rarely do they come having done all they could do to fix the problem.

It reminded me of the phrase God helps those who help themselves. We often quote it as though it were scripture, but in truth the phrase itself is not in a single chapter of the Bible. However, the concept is there.   James puts it this way in the second chapter of his book:

For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead. – James 2:26

God is a good father and He knows your limits. He knows when the burden is too heavy or the tangled mess you got yourself into is too overwhelming to be undone.  At the same time, He purposely placed wisdom in the midst of struggle.

Think about it.

What did you learn from the last trial you faced? It’s wisdom that can not be obtained unless you start to unravel the tangled mess.  And the moment we start pulling the strings this way and that way, is the moment when we act on faith, trusting God to meet us in the midst of it.

The thing is God already visited tomorrow where you will walk as though your shoelaces were never tangled to begin with.  He’s got your back. He’s stopped cooking supper to help you tie your shoes. You just have to bring them to the kitchen and plop down in His tiled floor and let him do the rest.




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